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Contents 1 Matinee, End of August 3 Ghost at the Hy- Vee 4 Christmas Eve, I- 80, 10 p.m. 5 Hosts and Guests 6 Eye of a Needle 8 Jubilee 10 Ourselves 12 Rev. Valentine Rathbun Meets the Shakers 14 The Convert (I) 16 Great Blue Heron, Spofford Lake 17 Lion’s Mane Jellyfish 19 2 The Outdoor Amphitheater at Ashworth Park 23 Aconite 25 Boston Post Road 27 Water Clocks 29 Aporia 31 Jasper County Almanac 32 Potholes 34 Impatient Earth 36 Brood III 37 “Grace Is Still a Secret” 39 For Our Anniversary in Early June 40 The Pokémon Go People 41 3 First Lent in California 45

change can’t help but stumble, on its own time, among no particular people, feeling nothing, nothing different, close faces on the L craning toward another’s phone or, alone, toward some point through the glass at track’s end perhaps, in the dark the unstill ground hiding and giving us where we are going. 40 FOR OUR ANNIVERSARY IN EARLY JUNE Fireflies a few peonies after rain the same week faint as one another as again they start from the shyness of near dark still needing it to be seen 41 THE POKÉMON GO PEOPLE Not pretending to be shopping, they canvass cobblestoned