Best articles in Life Sciences
Significance of teardrop cells in peripheral blood smears Ines Gütgemann, Hermann Heimpel, Carl Thomas Nebe
Benchmarking medical laboratory performance: survey validation and results for Europe, Middle East, and Africa Wolfgang Huf, Mike Mohns, Zoe Bünning, Rebecca Lister, Tetiana Garmatiuk, Christoph Buchta, Brigitte Ettl
ATP Synthase: Structure, Function and Inhibition Prashant Neupane, Sudina Bhuju, Nita Thapa, Hitesh Kumar Bhattarai
Platelet morphology Christoph Robier
Lipedema: friend and foe Yanira Sanchez-De la Torre, Rita Wadeea, Victoria Rosas, Karen L. Herbst
The unusual occurrence of green algal balls of Chaetomorpha linum on a beach in Sydney, Australia Julia Cooke, Robert Lanfear, Alison Downing, Michael R. Gillings, Alistair G.B. Poore, Ian D. Goodwin, Liette S. Waldron, Aaron Phillips, Yola Metti, Matthew W. Bulbert
International Consensus on Antinuclear Antibody Patterns: defining negative results and reporting unidentified patterns Manfred Herold, Werner Klotz, Luis E.C. Andrade, Karsten Conrad, Wilson de Melo Cruvinel, Jan Damoiseaux, Marvin J. Fritzler, Carlos A. von Muhlen, Minoru Satoh, Edward K.L. Chan
Liraglutide for psychiatric disorders: clinical evidence and challenges Mehmet Akif Camkurt, Luca Lavagnino, Xiang Y. Zhang, Antonio L Teixeira
Antibody display technologies: selecting the cream of the crop Bernhard Valldorf, Steffen C. Hinz, Giulio Russo, Lukas Pekar, Laura Mohr, Janina Klemm, Achim Doerner, Simon Krah, Michael Hust, Stefan Zielonka
Interferences in immunoassays: review and practical algorithm Loris Wauthier, Mario Plebani, Julien Favresse
Review: Pelvic nerves – from anatomy and physiology to clinical applications Ibrahim Alkatout, Thilo Wedel, Julian Pape, Marc Possover, Juhi Dhanawat