Best articles in Pharmacy
Particulate Matter in Injectable Drugs: Evaluation of Risks to Patients Maxime Perez, Aurélie Maiguy-Foinard, Christine Barthélémy, Bertrand Décaudin, Pascal Odou
Synergistic anti-cancer effects of Nigella sativa seed oil and conventional cytotoxic agent against human breast cancer Waheed A. Baig, Kholoud Alwosaibai, Khalid M. Al-Jubran, Tariq M. Chaudhry, Nouf Al-Dowish, Fatimah Alsaffar, Md Anzar Alam
Preparation and Physico-Chemical Stability of Dexamethasone Oral Suspension Guillaume Binson, Nicolas Venisse, Astrid Bacle, Karine Beuzit, Antoine Dupuis
The probiotic supplementation role in improving the immune system among people with ulcerative colitis: a narrative review Lana M. Agraib, Mohammed I. Yamani, Yaser Mohammed Rayyan, Awni Taleb Abu-Sneineh, Tarek A. Tamimi, Reema Fayez Tayyem
Liver enzyme abnormalities during antipsychotic treatment: a case report of risperidone-associated hepatotoxicity Enrique López-Torres, Ágnes Süveges, Eva M. Peñas-LLedó, Alvaro Doña, Pedro Dorado, Adrián LLerena, Roland Berecz
Rubber Coring of Injectable Medication Vial Stoppers: An Evaluation of Causal Factors Philip Chennell, Daniel Bourdeaux, Quentin Citerne, Catherine Arnaud, Sylvie Cosserant, Véra Boiko-Alaux, Valerie Sautou
Lurasidone drug-drug interaction studies: a comprehensive review Yu-Yuan Chiu, Larry Ereshefsky, Sheldon H. Preskorn, Nagaraju Poola, Antony Loebel
Herbal approach for the management of C0VID-19: an overview Sana Fatima, Nafis Haider, Md Anzar Alam, Mohd Abdul Gani, Rafeeque Ahmad, Murtada Taha
Avoid Drug Incompatibilities: Clinical Context in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Florence Flamein, Laurent Storme, Aurélie Maiguy-Foinard, Maxime Perez, Bertrand Décaudin, Morgane Masse, Stéphanie Genay, Pascal Odou
Stability of 25 mg/mL Azacitidine Suspensions Kept in Fridge after Freezing Clara Balouzet, Cédric Chanat, Marion Jobard, Marie-Laure Brandely-Piat, François Chast