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Linguistic synesthesia is metaphorical: a lexical-conceptual account Qingqing Zhao, Kathleen Ahrens, Chu-Ren Huang
Kashubian – its Middle Low German heritage as partial superstrate Werner Abraham, Andrzej Kątny, Piotr Bartelik
Ecolinguistics for and beyond the Sustainable Development Goals Meng Huat Chau, Chenghao Zhu, George M. Jacobs, Nimrod Lawson Delante, Alfian Asmi, Serena Ng, Sharon Santhia John, Qingli Guo, Krishnavanie Shunmugam
Post-focus compression in Brahvi and Balochi Nasir Abbas Syed, Abdul Waheed Shah, Anqi Xu, Yi Xu