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Circular shape MIMO antenna sensor for breast tumor detection Ankit Kumar Gupta, Praveen Kumar Rao, Rajan Mishra
Signal propagation parameters estimation through designed multi layer fibre with higher dominant modes using OptiFibre simulation Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed, SK. Hasane Ahammad, Malek G. Daher, Vishal Sorathiya, Abrar Siddique, Sayed Asaduzzaman, Hasin Rehana, Nitul Dutta, Shobhit K. Patel, Vincent Omollo Nyangaresi, Rayhan Habib Jibon, Anas Ibrahim
Information model of low-voltage distribution IoT monitoring terminal based on IEC 61850 Guozheng Huang, Jinghua Wang, Mengzhe Huang, Hongbo Wu, Yijia Zhan, Ziheng Cai
The deterministic and stochastic solutions for the nonlinear Phi-4 equation Mahmoud A. E. Abdelrahman, Mohamed A. Sohaly, Sherif I. Ammar, Yousef F. Alharbi
Partially disordered pyrochlore: time-temperature dependence of recrystallization and dehydration Tobias Beirau, Claudia E. Reissner, Herbert Pöllmann, Ulrich Bismayer
Observation of in-plane exciton–polaritons in monolayer WSe2 driven by plasmonic nanofingers Guangxu Su, Anyuan Gao, Bo Peng, Junzheng Hu, Yi Zhang, Fanxin Liu, Hao Zhang, Peng Zhan, Wei Wu
Experimental and theoretical investigation of forced convection heat transfer with CNTs and CuO water based nano-fluids Salwa H. Abdel-Latif, Ahmed M. Refaey, Sayed A. Elnaggar, Nehad A. Abdelrihem, Samaa A. Wasfy
Molecular crystals with a sole bearing contact: structural classes and statistical data Alexander M. Banaru, Andrew D. Bond, Sergey M. Aksenov, Darya A. Banaru