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Destroy the Copy – Plaster Cast Collections in the 19th–20th Centuries Demolition, Defacement, Disposal in Europe and Beyond Annetta Alexandridis, Lorenz Winkler-Horaček
Commentary on Aristotle, ›Nicomachean Ethics‹ Critical Edition with Introduction and Translation Georgios Pachymeres, Sophia Xenophontos, Crystal Addey
Demosthenes, >Gegen Aristokrates< Einleitung, Text, Übersetzung und Kommentar Sandra Zajonz
De medicina Anonymus Londiniensis, Daniela Manetti
Erzähler und Figur in Interaktion Metalepsen in Homers ›Ilias‹ Leonie von Alvensleben
Translation Activity in Late Byzantine World Contexts, Authors, and Texts Panagiotis Athanasopoulos
Aetius of Amida on Diseases of the Brain Translation and Commentary of >Libri medicinales< 6.1–10 with Introduction Ricarda Gäbel
Empire and Politics in the Eastern and Western Civilizations Searching for a 'Respublica Romanosinica' Andrea Balbo, Jaewon Ahn, Kihoon Kim
Comparing Greek Colonies Mobility and Settlement Consolidation from Southern Italy to the Black Sea (8th – 6th Century BC). Proceedings of the International Conference (Rome, 7.–9.11.2018) Camilla Colombi, Valeria Parisi, Ortwin Dally, Martin Guggisberg, Giorgio Piras
Postclassical Greek Prepositions and Conceptual Metaphor Cognitive Semantic Analysis and Biblical Interpretation William A. Ross, Steven Edward Runge
Lucano, ›Bellum Civile‹ VIII Introduzione, testo, traduzione e commento Alessio Mancini
Conversations on Canaanite and Biblical Themes Creation, Chaos and Monotheism Rebecca S. Watson, Adrian H. W. Curtis
Orgies of Words Mystery Terminology in the “Paraphrase of St. John’s Gospel” by Nonnus of Panopolis Filip Doroszewski, Damian Jasiński
Tragic Papyri Aeschylus' ›Theoroi‹, ›Hypsipyle‹, ›Laïos‹, ›Prometheus Pyrkaeus‹ and Sophocles' ›Inachos‹ Kyriakos Tsantsanoglou
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