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Food Nanotechnology David Julian McClements
Combustible Organic Materials Determination and Prediction of Combustion Properties Mohammad Hossein Keshavarz
EPR Spectroscopy Doros T. Petasis
Band 3 Technologie von den Rohstoffen bis zur Hartbearbeitung Hermann Salmang, Horst Scholze, Rainer Telle
Volume 2 Synthesis of Bioactive Scaffolds Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Bubun Banerjee
Volume 1 Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Heteroatom Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Bubun Banerjee
Organic and Hybrid Solar Cells Lukas Schmidt-Mende, Stefan Kraner, Azhar Fakharuddin
Biomaterial Science Anatomy and Physiology Aspects Ludwig Erik Aguilar
Sodium-Ion Batteries Advanced Technology and Applications Man Xie, Feng Wu, Yongxin Huang, Publishing House of Electronics Industry
Geological Melts Daniel R. Neuville, Grant S. Henderson, Donald B. Dingwell, Mineralogical Society of America
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