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Investigation of determining the accuracy of spatial vectors by the satellite method in a real time mode Anatolii Vivat, Kornyliy Tretyak, Ihor Savchyn, Myhailo Navodych, Oleksandr Lano
Chukochenite, (Li0.5Al0.5)Al2O4, a new lithium oxyspinel mineral from the Xianghualing skarn, Hunan Province, China Can Rao, Xiangping Gu, Rucheng Wang, Qunke Xia, Yuanfeng Cai, Chuanwan Dong, Frédéric Hatert, Yantao Hao
The geographical dispersion of inventor networks in peripheral economies Marcelo Cano-Kollmann, Ram Mudambi, Ana Teresa Tavares-Lehmann