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Prostate health index (PHI) as a reliable biomarker for prostate cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis Luisa Agnello, Matteo Vidali, Rosaria Vincenza Giglio, Caterina Maria Gambino, Anna Maria Ciaccio, Bruna Lo Sasso, Marcello Ciaccio
Wood-water interactions of thermally modified, acetylated and melamine formaldehyde resin impregnated beech wood Petr Čermák, Jan Baar, Jakub Dömény, Eva Výbohová, Radim Rousek, Petr Pařil, Anna Oberle, Iveta Čabalová, Dominik Hess, Michal Vodák, Martin Brabec
Genome-wide expression reveals potential biomarkers in breast cancer bone metastasis Yashbir Singh, Naidu Subbarao, Abhinav Jaimini, Quincy A. Hathaway, Amina Kunovac, Bradley Erickson, Vishnu Swarup, Himanshu Narayan Singh
Assessment of antibody titer after third doses of COVID-19 mRNA vaccination in healthy volunteers Rikei Kozakai, Kuniko Hoshi, Yoshihiko Izumi, Shinichiro Takahashi
Prodrug-Activating Chain Exchange (PACE) converts targeted prodrug derivatives to functional bi- or multispecific antibodies Steffen Dickopf, Can Buldun, Vedran Vasic, Guy Georges, Carina Hage, Klaus Mayer, Matthias Forster, Uwe Wessels, Kay-Gunnar Stubenrauch, Jörg Benz, Andreas Ehler, Matthias E. Lauer, Philippe Ringler, Sebastian Kobold, Stefan Endres, Christian Klein, Ulrich Brinkmann
Bats can reach 3626 m a.s.l. in Papua New Guinea: altitudinal range extensions for six rainforest bat species Pita K. Amick, Katerina Sam, Gendio Drumo, Pagi S. Toko, Vojtech Novotny
Big data in the healthcare system: a synergy with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology Reyes-González Juan Pablo, Díaz-Peregrino Roberto, Soto-Ulloa Victor, Galvan-Remigio Isabel, Castillo Paul, Ogando-Rivas Elizabeth
Effects of conventional rehabilitative and aerobic training in patients with idiopathic inflammatory myopathy Guangyu Zhang, Mingwei Tang, Xiao Zhang, Shuang Zhou, Chanyuan Wu, Jiuliang Zhao, Dong Xu, Qian Wang, Mengtao Li, Lixia Chen, Xiaofeng Zeng