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Precarity and Paradox in Swiss Cinema Elisa Cuter, Guido Kirsten, Hanna Prenzel, Marcy Goldberg
Studying the Cinema of Precarity An Introduction Elisa Cuter, Guido Kirsten, Hanna Prenzel
Rethinking Orality II The Mechanisms of the Oral Communication System in the Case of the Archaic Epos Andrea Ercolani, Laura Lulli
Empathie // losigkeit Talya Feldman, Sharonda Quainoo, Jiré Emine Gözen
The Legal Contestation of Abortion Rights Why Abortion Should be Theorized as a Gender-based Comparative Right Alexandra Scheele, Julia Roth, Heidemarie Winkel, Noya Rimalt
Quick Media Feminisms and the Affective Worldmaking of Hashtag Activism Silvia Schultermandl, Jana Aresin, Si Sophie Pages Whybrew, Dijana Simic
Frontmatter Anna Artwinska, Janine Schulze-Fellmann
Frontmatter Alisa Kronberger