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Does the use of chitosan covered gauze for postpartum hemorrhage reduce the need for surgical therapy including hysterectomy? A databased historical cohort study Carolin Biele, Laura Radtke, Lutz Kaufner, Larry Hinkson, Thorsten Braun, Wolfgang Henrich, Anna M. Dückelmann
Conditioned pain modulation is not associated with thermal pain illusion Yuka Oono, Hidenori Kubo, Saori Takagi, Kelun Wang, Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Hikaru Kohase
Comprehensive narrative review of real-world COVID-19 vaccines: viewpoints and opportunities Shelan Liu, Min Kang, Na Zhao, Yali Zhuang, Shijian Li, Tie Song
HLA DRB1 alleles, IFN-γ and TGF-β Gene Variants in childhood ALL patients Suleyman Rustu Oguz, Hayriye Senturk Ciftci, Muge Gokce, Yeliz Ogret, Demet Kivanc, Kursat Ozdilli, Avni Atay, Fatma Savran Oguz, Filiz Aydin
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) at the preanalytical phase for POCT blood gas analysis: proposal for a shared proactive risk analysis model Viviane Van Hoof, Suzanne Bench, Antonio Buño Soto, Peter P. Luppa, Anthony Malpass, Ulf Martin Schilling, Kevin D. Rooney, Adam Stretton, Andrei N. Tintu
UGRC 2021 recommendations on GME transition: pros and cons, opportunities and limitations John R. Gimpel, Jennifer L. Swails, Jessica L. Bienstock, Grant L. Lin, Michelle A. Roett, Juhee K. Patel, Daniel W. Giang
Benchmarking medical laboratory performance: survey validation and results for Europe, Middle East, and Africa Wolfgang Huf, Mike Mohns, Zoe Bünning, Rebecca Lister, Tetiana Garmatiuk, Christoph Buchta, Brigitte Ettl
Automated identification of diagnostic labelling errors in medicine Wolf E. Hautz, Moritz M. Kündig, Roger Tschanz, Tanja Birrenbach, Alexander Schuster, Thomas Bürkle, Stefanie C. Hautz, Thomas C. Sauter, Gert Krummrey
The genetic elucidation of monogenic obesity in the Arab world: a systematic review Nadien AbouHashem, Kholoud Al-Shafai, Mashael Al-Shafai