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Nonlinear response of Q-boosting metasurfaces beyond the time-bandwidth limit Pavel A. Shafirin, Varvara V. Zubyuk, Andrey A. Fedyanin, Maxim R. Shcherbakov
Broadband saturable absorption in germanene for mode-locked Yb, Er, and Tm fiber lasers Qingbo Wang, Jianlong Kang, Pan Wang, Jiangyong He, Yicong Liu, Zhi Wang, Han Zhang, Yan-ge Liu
Immersed boundary method for multiphase transport phenomena Wei Xiao, Hancong Zhang, Kun Luo, Chaoli Mao, Jianren Fan
Risk mitigation by design of autonomous maritime automation systems Design of autonomous maritime systems Kjeld Dittmann, Mogens Blanke
Mechanisms driving self-organization phenomena in random plasmonic metasurfaces under multipulse femtosecond laser exposure: a multitime scale study Balint Eles, Paul Rouquette, Jan Siegel, Claude Amra, Julien Lumeau, Antonin Moreau, Christophe Hubert, Myriam Zerrad, Nathalie Destouches
A critical review on the effects of antibiotics on anammox process in wastewater Elnaz Jafari Ozumchelouei, Amir Hossein Hamidian, Yu Zhang, Min Yang
A compendium of optimization algorithms for distributed linear-quadratic MPC Gösta Stomberg, Alexander Engelmann, Timm Faulwasser
Cognitive sensor systems for NDE 4.0: Technology, AI embedding, validation and qualification Bernd Valeske, Ralf Tschuncky, Frank Leinenbach, Ahmad Osman, Ziang Wei, Florian Römer, Dirk Koster, Kevin Becker, Thomas Schwender
Sources of Finite Speed Temperature Propagation Paolo Maria Mariano, Marco Spadini
Stability analysis of the Iraqi GNSS stations Sattar Isawi, Harald Schuh, Benjamin Männel, Pierre Sakic