Best books in Arts
I-Docs The Evolving Practices of Interactive Documentary Judith Aston, Sandra Gaudenzi, Mandy Rose
Neo-Noir Mark Bould, Kathrina Glitre, Greg Tuck, Mike Hodges
A History of Danish Cinema C. Claire Thomson, Isak Thorsen, Pei-Sze Chow
Making Worlds Affect and Collectivity in Contemporary European Cinema Claudia Breger
Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen Michel Chion, Claudia Gorbman
The Femme Fatale Julie Grossman
Disney Culture John Wills
Reality TV Misha Kavka
Men, Women, and Chain Saws Gender in the Modern Horror Film - Updated Edition Carol J. Clover
The Address of the Eye A Phenomenology of Film Experience Vivian Sobchack
The Cinema of Naruse Mikio Women and Japanese Modernity Catherine Russell
Notions of Genre Writings on Popular Film Before Genre Theory Barry Keith Grant, Malisa Kurtz