Best books in Business and Economics
Mostly Harmless Econometrics An Empiricist's Companion Joshua D. Angrist, Jörn-Steffen Pischke
Narrative Economics How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events Robert J. Shiller
Theory of Games and Economic Behavior 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition John von Neumann, Oskar Morgenstern, Harold William Kuhn, Ariel Rubinstein
Location and Land Use Toward a General Theory of Land Rent William Alonso
Python for MBAs Mattan Griffel, Daniel Guetta
The Theory of Incentives The Principal-Agent Model Jean-Jacques Laffont, David Martimort
GDP A Brief but Affectionate History - Revised and expanded Edition Diane Coyle
Time Series Analysis James Douglas Hamilton
Basic Income A Radical Proposal for a Free Society and a Sane Economy Philippe Van Parijs
Multinational Firms in the World Economy Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Anthony J. Venables
Managing for Stakeholders Survival, Reputation, and Success R. Edward Freeman, Jeffrey S. Harrison, Andrew C. Wicks
Cultural Heritage and Tourism An Introduction Dallen J. Timothy