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Notes Noah Tsika
Filmography Emma Wilson
1. Blueprint for Murder David Martin-Jones
Chapter 9 Binge-Watching Audience Typologies: Conclusion Mareike Jenner, Lisa Perks, Emil Steiner, Ri Pierce-Grove, Lothar Mikos
Epilogue Nea Ehrlich
Filmography Geetha Ramanathan
6. Action Research as a Method for Reflective Practice in Museums Annika Waern, Anders Løvlie, Christian Hviid Mortensen, Anne Rørbæk Olesen, Sejul Malde, Anders Sundnes Løvlie
WORLD FACTORY Kai Tuchmann, Zhao Chuan, Grass Stage
Immersion in/of the Skin The Potential of the Skin in Creative Practice: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives Margrit Bischof, Friederike Lampert, Virginie Roy
Index Tiago Luca