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Our Vision and Mission

De Gruyter has been a publisher of excellent scholarship since 1749 – and our mission and vision are the foundation of everything we do.

Our Vision: We want to know

Our vision ("We want to know!") represents our key characteristics.

We are driven by curiosity – the desire to know and understand – and personal interest in the topics and people who contribute to scholarship and research.

We are excited by new ideas

We learn from each other, with each other, and we never stop learning. We are excited by new ideas and engage with them with enthusiasm and competence, even if they are ahead of their time. We seek and help develop knowledge and provide methods of making it effective and relevant for further scholarship. We do not fear competition because we believe that the contest of ideas, which drives progress, is based on quality.

Our mission

  • We are the trusted partner of scholars regardless of discipline, background or origin and support them in their endeavor to give their best to the world.
  • We create new opportunities to promote, disseminate and protect knowledge. We do this not only as a service provider, but also as a partner and a promoter of discovery.
  • We connect researchers with scientific knowledge, nurture interdisciplinary exchange and thus contribute to wider conversations and progress in society.

We make knowledge accessible

We work to ensure that knowledge is not lost or hidden, but that it is accessible to the largest possible number of people to support not only academic, but also human, progress. To do this, critical discourse across the entire spectrum of disciplines is required. Science, technology, engineering and medicine (STEM) are key for technological innovation. The humanities and social sciences give meaning to what the future should look like.

Researchers help build this future, and society at large is involved since scholarly endeavors affect everyone.

3 Calls to Action

For De Gruyter, three calls to action exist.

  1. We are equal partners in the work of the scholarly community – we must continue to help increase quality, we must expand the reach of research, increase its reputation and also increase its effectiveness.
  2. We will use the most advanced and appropriate­ methods to define and spread knowledge.
  3. We will support and nurture the exchange not only between academic disciplines, but also between the scientific community and society at large which is essential for a sustainable future.

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