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Humanities for Humans: Transatlantic Conversation Series Launches in New York

1014 and Walter De Gruyter Foundation collaborate to help shed light on prevalent concepts of our times

New York / Berlin, 19 September 2022

Amidst an era of increasing polarization, the Walter de Gruyter Foundation and 1014 launch a new transatlantic event series to take a closer look at some of the controversial terms that deepen the divides in our societies. With eight episodes over two years, Humanities for Humans strives to generate a better understanding of what the humanities are and what role they can play in today’s complex world.

Vitally important concepts come out of academic humanities and travel through our everyday lives. But sometimes these terms are intentionally mis-defined, like “critical race theory” or “white privilege”; and sometimes they are simplified to a point of misrepresentation of the work the term was meant to do, like “intersectionality” and “gender performance.”

In each episode of Humanities for Humans, two renowned experts from the academic world will engage in a moderated discussion on one of the prevalent concepts of our times. Shedding light on their original roots and meaning, the humanities are re-energized for “humans”, particularly the way we live and interact with each other.

The inaugural event, titled Racism and Fascism: A Love Story will take place on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, at 1014 in New York. Professor Michael Hanchard, Political Scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, and Professor Dagmar Herzog, Historian at CUNY Graduate School, will debate the ways in which charges of being racist or fascist have filled the airwaves, cyberspace, and private and public discussions in our times of heightened crisis. The event will be moderated by Irene Kacandes, Professor of German Studies and Comparative Literature at Dartmouth College.

More information on the event series can be found on the 1014 event website, where more episodes will be added on a rolling basis. In this interview on De Gruyter Conversations, Professor Irene Kacandes speaks about the idea behind the event series and provides a look ahead at future episodes.

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