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How We Promote Your Book at De Gruyter

Unlike many other publishers who are moving away from traditional promotional channels, De Gruyter understands that these avenues are still important to the success of your book. This is why we provide our authors with a mix of traditional and modern promotional approaches.

Here are some of the key methods we use in promoting your book:

  • Digital promotion: Our newly revamped website as well as search engine optimisation, abstracting and indexing (A&I) services and social media tools all play a part in our digital promotion strategy.

  • Working with booksellers: De Gruyter’s network of both traditional and digital booksellers across the globe play an important part in helping you reach international audiences.

  • Connecting with libraries: Librarians, particularly in the academic space, are important for ensuring your work reaches new readers.

  • Other promotional channels: We take advantage of book reviews, catalogues and traditional and digital events to market your titles.

Learn more about these different avenues and how we use them below.

Digital Promotion

When it comes to promoting your book online, we use a number of digital tools to help market your work.

Our new website

From authors to readers and libraries, our new and improved website is geared towards meeting the needs of everyone working in or with the publishing industry. It not only offers incredible browsing speed and stability but also provides authors with other important promotional tools:

  • A dedicated author page for sharing media to promote your work, including social media posts and presentations

  • Dedicated subject pages specifically designed to guide people to specialist content

  • A blog, De Gruyter Conversations, that has more than 100,000 users per year who visit the site to learn about new titles, academic trends, authors, news stories, and research reports with accompanying expert opinion and analysis.

  • An online store, making it easy for readers to access your work by buying it directly from our site

This customer centricity was acknowledged when we received the ‘Best Publisher User Experience’ (UX) Award 2022 from single sign-on provider OpenAthens.

Search engine optimisation

Most readers looking for information on your book online will turn to search engines such as Google and Google Scholar. It’s vital that your book appears on the first page of search engine results to further improve its discoverability online.

The first step in making your book easily accessible is ensuring the information about it is correctly listed. This is vital so that search engines can easily find your work.

We further improve your search engine results through a process known as search engine optimisation (SEO). Our dedicated SEO specialists work with various players across the industry, including Google, to ensure that your books not only appear in searches but that these results rank as highly as possible.

Abstracting and Indexing

Abstracting and indexing services are another vital tool in promoting your work online. We work with major A&I services to ensure your books are listed and indexed on these important academic platforms. Availability on these platforms is vital in nearly all fields of academic publishing. They include providers such as SciFinder, Scopus and PubMed.

Working with Amazon

De Gruyter works directly with three of Amazon’s biggest stores,, and As an author and researcher, you will be aware of the enormous power of the Amazon brand and its dominant position in the book market.

As a leading publisher, we work to optimize our Amazon offering and to give your title the best opportunity to be discovered and bought by Amazon customers.

  • Improving title availability - In the last few years we have invested in improving the availability of your book through amazon, the product information we make available, and supporting our authors in securing the visibility of their work on Amazon.

  • Working with the Amazon algorithm – In order for your book to be found easily, we will work with you on the title and the blurb to make it Amazon-ready and match it to how your readers will search.

  • Making your title buyer-ready – Our publishing and Amazon teams will ensure that your book is assigned the right category and other publishing data. We will also add early reviews, if available, to help your book rank higher in results lists. You can help increase traffic to your book’s page on Amazon by creating your own Amazon author page and linking it to your publications.

Social media

Social media platforms have millions of users who access content on them daily, making social media platforms a critical channel for reaching audiences and improving your SEO rankings. We use various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Our subject teams run their own channels to ensure that their subjects – and the work associated with them – get the attention they deserve. We use these digital platforms to promote various important issues and events and the books associated with them, rather than directly promoting specific books.

You can view all our social media pages at the following links:

Working with booksellers

Booksellers, both online and offline, are a key part of book promotion. De Gruyter has an extensive global network that we closely work with to ensure your book reaches customers all over the world. Whether it’s Japanese companies such as Maruzen and Kinokuniya, American organisations like GOBI, or global online platforms like Amazon, we ensure your book is able to reach the widest international audience possible.

If you’re a German author, don’t worry about being left out. De Gruyter has large, highly established local networks in the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region that operate in both the traditional and digital bookseller spaces. These large local networks include many smaller local online and offline retailers to further maximise your reach in local markets.

Connecting with libraries

Libraries, and more crucially, librarians, are an important channel for ensuring your books reach readers. Our global teams are connected to experts who work at libraries around the world, from public libraries to the most important and highly ranked university libraries. This ensures your book has the best chance to reach a wider, general market, and allows librarians to put them in the hands of academic communities.

We connect with librarians in a variety of ways, such as in-person conferences, major and minor library meetings as well as digital events, including online presentations and seminars. Our email communications are an important tool for staying in touch with our global community of librarians to ensure they know about and are encouraged to purchase your book for their libraries.

Librarians also use our Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) and Publisher Partner programmes. The EBA programme gives librarians full access to ebook versions of your books for 12 months. After this period, they can decide which books they want to purchase and make permanent additions to their virtual shelves. This is a great tool for promotion as it grants librarians access to books they may not otherwise know about. The Publisher Partner programme governs the formal relationships we have with various smaller and university publishers and is an important channel De Gruyter uses to help your books reach a wider audience.

We also work closely with central providers for ebooks, including ebook aggregators, distributors and partners, in countries that prefer to work with these distributors rather than deal directly with publishers.

Book reviews

Many other publishers have moved away from giving out review copies of authors’ books, but at De Gruyter we still believe that book reviews are an essential tool for marketing an academic author’s book, especially in the social sciences and humanities. We submit many titles for review with publications that still write book reviews, including The New York Times, National Geographic and Der Spiegel.


De Gruyter publishes annual digital and print catalogues for various subject areas to ensure our partners know when your book is available. Each of these catalogues is often released at the same time as a major in-person event, such as a conference in a specific field.

Traditional conferences and events

Our staff understand how important networking in both traditional and digital spaces is for promoting new academic work. This is why we attend subject meetings, industry and library conferences and book fairs. We also view many smaller-scale events, such as presentations, debates and fireside chats, and De Gruyter Conversations, our dedicated blog as key to helping our author’s work reach their intended audience. These communities are a vital part of promoting your book and it’s important that we nurture these relationships and connections for our authors to achieve success.

Open access books

The promotion of open-access books leans more heavily on digital channels, including ensuring they have unique book pages on our website and that search engine optimisation has been implemented. We also provide A&I services and engage social media, research sharing and collation sites to further boost the discoverability and visibility of your book.

Find out more about promoting of books at De Gruyter

If you’d like to know more about how we promote authors’ books at De Gruyter, contact our team.

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