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Publish Your Book with De Gruyter

De Gruyter publishes work in over 25 academic subject areas, including Science, Law, Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine, Engineering and Architecture. Our books are of the highest quality cutting edge research; externally reviewed by subject experts and trusted by readers. We know how important books are to authors and we offer a flexible, personal approach to the author - publisher relationship.

This guide is an introduction to all stages of publishing, including submitting an initial proposal, what you will need to do during production, and marketing your finished book.

Our publishing process

1. Things to consider before you submit your academic work

Ensure your work is in the best possible position to be accepted for publication. Read our guide on how to submit your proposal.

2. Submitting a book proposal to De Gruyter

Read our guide on how to submit your work to us.

If you are submitting a manuscript, please check our accessibility guidelines and our manuscript submission guidelines. If you are ready to submit your proposal to us you can do so using this submissions form.

3. Review by Editors and Peer Review

Find out more about our review process in our introduction to our peer review process.

4. Project approval

At the final step of the evaluation process your editor will present your project to the in-house publishing conference where it will be discussed by staff from marketing, sales, and production.

Once your project is approved we will send you a publication contract.

Contract and Rights

We sign a custom contract with every author, detailing the arrangements that you have agreed in advance with your editor. Our general terms and conditions of publication, which govern the working relationship and assignment of rights, are also an integral part of the contract.

5. Preparing your manuscript for publication

Read our guide on how to prepare your manuscript for the production process.

6. Production

An introduction to our production processes, and how we work with you to create a high quality work.

7. After Publication

Read our useful guide to promoting your work once it is published and find out what we’ll do to help you find readers.

Author benefits

  • Professional Publishing Project Management
  • Fast, High Quality Production
  • Digital formats
  • Author discounts

More information for authors

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