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German Linguistics

Our portfolio in German Linguistics comprises more than 50 new releases every year, covering a broad spectrum of classic as well as innovative linguistic fields. We are known for our high commitment to peer-review-based linguistic quality.

With our program ranging from renowned book series and tradition-steeped dictionaries to diverse handbooks and textbooks as well as linguistic online references, we are world leading in the area of Germanic Studies. We are driving free access to knowledge and offer a growing number of solutions for publishing open access.

New Releases


Conferences and Events

We want to know! That’s why we attend conferences in all fields worldwide.

On our conferences overview, you will find all the places you can currently meet us, including a brand new virtual booth. This not only gives you the advantage of ordering books with conference discounts from the comfort of your home, but also comes with interesting digital events, such as author interviews and meetings with De Gruyter editors.

Conferences and events

Past Events and Videos


Dr. Ulrike Krauß
Dr. Ulrike Krauß
Senior Acquisitions Editor
+49 (0)30 26005-288
Dr. Svetoslava Antonova-Baumann
Dr. Svetoslava Antonova Baumann
Acquisitions Editor German(ic) Linguistics
+49 (0)30 260 05-201
Albina Töws
Albina Töws
Content Editor German(ic) Linguistics
Dr. Julie Miess
Dr. Julie Miess
Content Editor German(ic) Linguistics
+49 30 26005-266
Malte Asmuth
Modern Languages Assistant

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