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Open Access

“Open Access is our future and our passion. Our enthusiasm for Open Access goes back more than 15 years. The scholarly community, including authors, libraries and research institutions, profit from our publishing expertise, our openness, and our partnership approach.”

(Carsten Buhr, Managing Director)

Open access vision for our journal portfolio

For more than ten years, De Gruyter has been offering open access publishing options across its journal portfolio. We launched our first gold open access journal in 2013 and signed our first transformative agreement in 2018. Today, our portfolio comprises 120 fully open access and 300 hybrid journals. In 2021, a third of our research articles were published immediately open access.

These numbers document our firm belief in Open Access as the future of scholarly communication. How quickly we can transform ourselves into a complete and sustainable Open Research Publisher will depend on the further development of open access mandates and funding structures worldwide.

Moving forward, our goal is to make the research we publish freely available to anyone anywhere in the world while supporting our entire author community regardless of their financial means and capabilities. To that end, we are validating models that respect HSS and STM publication cultures and their distinctive funding streams and requirements and that help us to further advance transition of our subscription journals in a sustainable way.

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Development of our open access book portfolio

Since our first two OA books were published in 2010, our OA book program has grown continuously: in 2021, 200 of our new publications were released immediately in open access. This brings the total number of open access book available to everyone on to nearly 2,500, making us one of the largest independent open access book publishers in the world.

We are committed to further shaping the open access publishing landscape in collaboration with academia, libraries, and research funding to make open access publishing possible for all our book authors in the future. With this vision in mind, we have developed new transformation and funding models for open access books in recent years. These include our OA transformation projects for new publications in the humanities and social sciences.

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