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At De Gruyter, we recognize that open access funding is not uniformly available worldwide. And as a promoter of discovery, we believe that a shortage of funds should not prevent potential authors from publishing in open access.

We want to help our authors overcome these obstacles to publication and have developed a range of services to make funding and publishing your research easier.

Institutional Open Access Agreements

De Gruyter has established a number of open access agreements with leading international institutions to ensure that content from affiliated authors is accessible and affordable. Our agreements are designed to remove the burden of paying article processing charges (APCs) away from authors. Depending on the nature of the agreement, as an author, you may be able to publish open access at no cost at all – or at a significant discount.

If you are an author wishing to publish in open access, you can check if your institution has an open access agreement with De Gruyter below. Submit using your affiliated institutional e-mail address, and we will do the rest.

Agreements may be applicable to both De Gruyter’s hybrid and pure open access journals. Journals from our publisher partners are excluded. To check if the journal you are submitting to is covered by the agreement, please check each institution’s profile or contact us at

Australia and New Zealand
Czech Republic
Germany: Humanities and Scial Sciences Journals
Germany: Economics Journals
The Netherlands
United Kingdom

Eligible Authors

All teaching and research staff affiliated with the institution, as well as students enrolled at the time of acceptance of your publication, are eligible authors. In the case of articles published by multiple authors, the author who signs the publishing agreement will be considered the eligible author.

Please note that authors are only eligible once they have agreed to the open access publishing agreement, which is current at the time. Currently, this agreement refers to the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0. The corresponding author shall be the author who signs the publishing agreement.

Eligible article types

Which article types are included in the agreement?

Original Paper – Standard articles, usually presenting new results; articles published under this article type may also be referred to as original research, original articles, original papers or research papers

Review Paper – An article that interprets previously published results

Brief Communication – Short article submitted for rapid publication that exhibits the same structure as a standard article

Continuing Education – Article forming an integral part of further education (usually medical)

Case Reports – Articles in medical journals

Please note that articles have to be original and not infringe on any law and/or third-party rights and meet ethical standards.

How to publish your article in Open Access

Hybrid Journals:

  • Submit your article. Instructions on how to submit are specified on each journal webpage under the Submission of Manuscripts tab.
  • Don’t forget to submit your article using your affiliated institutional e-mail address.
  • If your article is accepted, we automatically check if an open access agreement applies.
  • If an article is eligible and APCs are covered by your institution, your article will be published in open access under a Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 at no cost for you.
  • If APCs are not covered by the institution, you will get the opportunity to publish in open access at a full or discounted APC.
  • Some journals may ask if you wish to publish open access at the point of submission and will check if APCs would be covered by the institution. This step is for advice only as most agreements apply to the date of acceptance.

Pure Open Access Journals:

  • Submit your article. Instructions on how to submit are specified on each journal webpage under the Submission of Manuscripts tab.
  • Eligible authors are notified of the negotiated deal discount and charged accordingly. De Gruyter issues a Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 and the article is published in open access.

Funding support

Many institutions around the world support open access publishing and have funding available to help authors cover the cost of publishing fees. In order to help authors find suitable funding, we have identified institutions that offer financial support for article processing charges and/or book processing charges. For more information, contact us at

Waivers and Discounts

Waiver policy

De Gruyter offers a generous waiver scheme that covers open access publishing costs and is available to individual authors upon application.

To qualify for our waiver scheme and apply for waivers on De Gruyter’s pure OA journals, authors must be affiliated primarily with institutions located in countries with low per capita incomes (low income and lower middle income, according to World Bank classification). Each case is considered individually. Authors are asked to contact the journal Editorial Office to apply for a waiver before, or straight after submitting their article.

True to our underlying values of fairness and equality, we are also happy to consider individual waiver applications.


Journal editors benefit from an automatic 15% discount on any publication charges, irrespective of location.

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For more information, or to discuss how we can help you fund and publish your next piece of research, contact our Open Access Funding team: