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Following the successful pilot project for the journal Bibliothek Forschung und Praxis, we are expanding our Subscribe to Open offer. Another 11 journals from the humanities and social sciences journal portfolio will be available in the Subscribe to Open model and, with the support of subscribers, be transferred to Open Access in 2022 and will be made directly accessible in the digital version under the Creative Commons License 4.0:

The model

Subscribe to Open (S2O) was developed by the US publisher Annual Reviews to enable the open access transformation of established journals by using their existing subscriptions to convert to OA.

The subscribing institutions that know and value a journal continue to subscribe as usual (either in print or electronically), and in return, the publisher grants unlimited access to all readers and free OA publishing for all authors.

As long as subscribers continue to subscribe to the journal, the current volume is published in open access under a Creative Commons license. If the number of subscribers falls below a set value for two years in a row, the paywall is reactivated, which means only existing subscribers have access. This mechanism ensures the long-term financing and economic viability of the journal in open access.

Subscribe to Open offers advantages for all parties in scholarly publishing:

  • Authors publish their article in an established – now open access – journal without having to pay for it themselves.
  • As paying subscribers, libraries retain guaranteed access to the journal through their subscription and support its open access transformation without any additional administrative effort or cost.
  • Booksellers continue to organize journal subscriptions for their customers in the usual way and therefore, unlike in the APC-funded open access transformation models like Publish & Read, remain important players in the academic publishing system.

Subscribe to Open enables a complete open access transformation of academic journals with full transparency, little disruption and no additional costs. The model represents a fair and equal approach to transformation since all authors can publish in the journal of their choice, irrespective of whether their affiliated institution has funding for OA publishing.

FAQ: Subscribe to Open (S2O)

In the following, you can find the most frequently asked questions.

What is Subscribe to Open?
How does Subscribe to Open work for the participating journals?
How can I support the project and the transformation of the journals?
Why should I continue my subscription to the participating journals?
Why should I as a bookseller and library supplier support Subscribe to Open?
What happens if not enough subscribers participate in the Subscribe to Open pilot?
Why is the minimum number of subscribers required not communicated?
Do I also support Subscribe to Open if I subscribe to these journals as part of a larger journal package or collection?
Under which license will the articles be published?
What plans does De Gruyter have for Subscribe to Open?
How was the journal Bibliothek Forschung und Praxis (BFP) chosen for the pilot project?


Do you have any further questions about our Subscribe to Open pilot project?
We look forward to hearing from you!

For questions about the pilot project and the transformation model, please contact Corinna Mayer.

If you would like to support the project by subscribing to one of the journals, or if have questions about your existing subscription, please contact your regional Sales Manager.