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Article Processing Charges

Article processing charges for gold open access journals

Most of our fully open access journals are enabled by a one-time publishing fee know as article processing charge (APC). Typically, the APC is met by the author, or the author’s funding body, or institution. Authors lacking financial support for gold open access publication can refer to the information below for details on funding support, discounts, and waivers policies that we offer.

The article processing charges vary by journal and can be found on the respective journal's website and our journal price list. There are no submission charges.

Why do we charge APCs?

Article processing charges cover the costs associated with high-quality publishing of open access articles. Our dedicated editorial teams organize a detailed and thoughtful peer review process. APCs contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of a robust platform with discoverability features that help readers to find research. Copyediting and typesetting ensure research is presented in a clear, readable way.

The APC cover the costs of:

  • Support for editorial teams
  • Organization of the submission and peer review process
  • Copyediting and typesetting
  • Online hosting, dissemination, and long-term preservation
  • Abstracting & Indexing
  • Marketing and promotion to readers worldwide

Funding support and waiver policies

We firmly believe that the quality of articles, not an author’s financial capacity, should be the primary consideration for journals when publishing. The lack of funding should not be a barrier to publish with us. Within our fully gold APC journal portfolio, we offer the following support for authors:

  1. Institutional open access agreements: We have agreements in place with more than 700 institutions in 20 countries. If the corresponding author is affiliated with one of these institutions, these agreements might cover the full publication costs or provide a discount on the article processing charge.
    For an overview of our current agreements and their terms and conditions, please visit our agreement page. If you have any questions about eligibility, please contact us at OAfunding@degruyter.com
  2. Equity initiative: We are dedicated to assisting researchers in emerging nations in sharing their research with a global audience. We offer APC waivers to papers whose corresponding authors are based in countries classified as low-income economies by the World Bank. Corresponding authors from countries classified as lower middle-income countries are eligible for a 50% discount on the standard APC. Once your paper is accepted, the discount is automatically applied based on the author’s country of residence. You can find a list of eligible countries here.
  3. Discretionary discounts and waivers: We consider discounting or waiving the article processing charge in cases where corresponding authors lack funds and are not eligible for other means of funding support. Requests for an individual discount or full waiver should be made during the manuscript submission process to the Managing Editor or Editorial Office. Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Journal-specific discounts and waivers: Some of our journals have specific discount programs in place, particularly for society members. Please refer to the journal’s homepage for detailed information.

Once an article is accepted for publication, any applicable waiver or discount through an institutional agreement or our equity initiative will be applied automatically. Other waivers and discounts, such as discretionary or society discounts, can be applied by the author as prompted during the publication process. If an author is eligible for multiple discounts, the highest discount will be applied. Please note that we cannot apply multiple discounts simultaneously.

Payment of APCs

We have partnered with RightsLink (provided by Copyright Clearance Center) to organize the payments of APC. The payment can be made in EUR, USD or GBP, and might be subject to VAT if applicable.

Publication fees are payable upon article acceptance. An APC payment link will be sent to the corresponding author at acceptance. Please note that the publication cannot proceed until payment has been received.

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