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Open Access Life Sciences

Welcome to the home of Open Access Life Sciences at De Gruyter!

Driven by unprecedented innovation and rapid advancements in science and technology, Life Sciences have changed enormously. Reflecting the latest achievements, our nine peer-reviewed open access journals cover all areas of Life Sciences such as biological and agricultural science, plant and animal sciences, molecular biology, neuroscience and much more.

Open Life Sciences

A fast-growing open access journal, devoted to scholarly research in all areas of life sciences, such as molecular biology, plant science, biotechnology, cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics, microbiology and virology, ecology, differentiation and development, genetics and many others.

Highly cited:

Mechanisms of salt tolerance in halophytes: current understanding and recent advances
Xiaoqian Meng et al.

Production of biogas: relationship between methanogenic and sulfate-reducing microorganisms
Ivan Kushkevych et al.

RHOA and mDia1 promotes apoptosis of breast cancer cells via a high dose of doxorubicin treatment
Peter Bober et al.

Open Agriculture

Publishes the latest achievements on agro-ecology, soil science, plant science, horticulture, forestry and wood technology, zootechnics and veterinary medicine, entomology, aquaculture, hydrology, food science and much more.

CiteScore 2019: 1.2

Highly cited:

Agriculture for Space: People and Places Paving the Way
Raymond M. Wheeler

Zinc biofortification as an innovative technology to alleviate the zinc deficiency in human health: a review
Rajan Bhatt

Crop growth and viability of seeds on Mars and Moon soil simulants
G.W.W. Wamelink et al.

Translational Neuroscience

Impact Factor 2018: 2.038

Translational Neuroscience provides a closer interaction between basic and clinical neuroscientists to expand understanding of brain structure, function and disease, and translate this knowledge into clinical applications and novel therapies of nervous system disorders.

Highly cited:

Processing of action and sound verbs in context: An FMRI study
Margot Popp et al.

Nox2-dependent neuroinflammation in an EAE model of multiple sclerosis
Katherine G. Ravelli et al.

Changing the tone of clinical study design in the cannabis industry
Joseph M Antony et al.

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