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University Press Library

The University Press Library is the culmination of a five-year pilot project that addresses the predictability and sustainability problem for university presses while providing a non-restrictive acquisitions business model for academic libraries.

1 platform with 13 microsites

8 exclusive University Press archives with over 15,000+ titles

175 titles on average published per copyright year per press

Liberal DRM

Benefit from liberal, multi-user, remote-access DRM. In addition to the standard PDF versions, you receive all available ePub versions.

100% complete collections

Average of 20+ downloads for 45% of titles

University Press Library

With De Gruyter’s University Press Library program, libraries can purchase the complete frontlist collection of 18 prestigious university presses in multi-user access.

The University Press Library started out in 2014 as a pilot project with three university presses and ten participating libraries. The program has since has opened up to new institutions:

Promise of the University Press Library

Provide a sustainable business model for the acquisition of the complete electronic front list of participating university presses with no restrictions on the title level, while meeting the business and academic needs of both the presses and the libraries.

Care standards

UPL Logo

We guarantee customer support and satisfaction through the University Press Library by implementing deferred services to be your right as a customer and our standard as a service provider.

  • Metadata upload on a weekly basis
  • Commitment to produce all titles within a library-approved-upon time after publication date
  • Never miss a title with ongoing quality control of metadata and content PDFs
  • Granting access to newly uploaded publications on a monthly basis
  • Collections created by copyright year derived from three seasons of publishing over a year and a half
  • Title lists provided three months in advance of publication. Including all unlimited use and exclusion (print-only) titles
  • User-behavior reports from COUNTER 5 compliance metrics to new data and analytics tools at the title and subject level
eCollection Management
  • A DRM-free purchase model with no ongoing fees
  • Duplication control
  • Delivery of enhanced MARC records and KBART files. Collection targets in OCLC, Alma and INTOTA. Full text indexing in EDS, Summon and Primo

Digital Events

The University Press Library was founded with the core mission of bridging gaps between key stakeholders in the academic community. True to this mission, we host, organize, and create a platform for engaging discussions with university presses, consortia, libraries, and service providers.

University Press publishing was founded with the specific mission to serve the interests of the scholarly community of which they are part:

  • How has that mission evolved and where are we today?
  • How do the missions vary even among the apparently coherent community of university presses?
  • What have been the most significant challenges to the missions since the arrival of digital technology and how has COVID impacted decisions at the presses?


The UPL eCollections are now available on GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO, through the De Gruyter platform.

This newly founded partnership celebrates the distribution of UPL eCollections in the US and Canada.

With the addition of the De Gruyter University Press Library eCollections, GOBI Library Solutions customers will be able to acquire even more trusted content and benefit from GOBI’s integrated end-to-end workflow support, including duplication control across all formats and models, customized cataloging records, and one-stop customer service.

More information

For more information regarding the University Press Library and to learn how it will complement your library, please contact our sales team or have a look at our brochure.

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