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Holdings Information

Have you purchased titles from De Gruyter and need information on your exact holdings? Learn how you can see your institution's entitlements at a glance.

DG Data - How to access your holdings information

DG Data is the new self-service option on, which allows librarians to view and download holdings of licensed products for their institutions.

Amonst other things, you will find information on your institutional holdings on this page, and can download holdings lists in Excel or CSV formats.

To access DG Data, you will need a librarian administrator account. Please visit the DG Data page for further instructions.

As soon as you are logged into the website with your librarian account, you can access DG Data by clicking on the name of your institution displayed in the right hand top corner of page. DG Data is displayed as a menu item. Alternatively, you can also go directly to

Content of the holdings list

The menu item "Holdings" provides institutional administrators with information on the publications that their institution has licensed from De Gruyter. The holdings lists is arranged in five different publication groups:

  • Journals: contains all subscribed and purchased journals
  • Databases: contains all subscribed and purchased databases
  • Books: contains all purchased eBooks
  • eBook packages: contains all purchased eBooks packages
  • Other eBook holdings: contains other packages of eBooks. These are not packages that the institution has purchased in this form, but individual eBooks combined to a package for technical reasons.

When an area doesn't contain any publications in the holdings list, it will not be displayed.

The whole holdings list as well as holdings of the different publication groups can be exported in Excel or CSV format by clicking on the link "Export". The exported lists contain the same information as the list displayed in DG Data. Additionally, it is possible to download MARC records for eBooks on an individual book level or for the whole eBook package.

More Information on Holdings, Access and Admin

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