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Usage Data and Reports

We provide libraries with usage reports in COUNTER standard. On this page, you will find information on how to retrieve usage reports for your institution.

Usage Reports in DG Data

DG Data

DG Data is the new self-service portal for institutional administrators on Administrators can use DG Data to access and download holdings lists for their institution, view and download usage reports in COUNTER standard and change IP addresses for their institution.

To use DG Data, an administrator account will be required. Please visit the DG Data page for further information.

After logging in with your new administrator account on, you will then see the menu item "DG Data" in the login menu on the right-hand side.

In DG Data, please select the menu item "Usage", where you can select a timeframe and a report type and view the report on the screen or download it from the site.

Available Reports

  • We offer reports in COUNTER 4 (2019 and 2020) and COUNTER 5 (from 2020 onwards) format.
  • Usage for the new platform is available from February 2021 onwards in COUNTER 5 format. January 2021 data has been included in this data to give you the full year of usage.
  • Some legacy statistics were too large to integrate into the download form. Please check if you see a section “Legacy Download” on the page – this is where you can find CSV files of the reports in question.
  • C4 Journal and Book Usage and Denial Reports for years before 2019 can be provided upon request by Customer Service.

SUSHI Harvesting

  • In DG Data, you will also find relevant SUSHI details for your institution (such as SUSHI Service URL, SUSHI Base URL, API Key and Requestor ID).
  • Please ensure that you are using the current SUSHI credentials, as these were changed with the new platform launch in February 2021.

Usage Reports in LibLynx

You can also still access and download usage reports in the system of our partner LibLynx. It is exactly the same data, and the same functionality as you can find in DG Data.

LibLynx Setup

  • To be added as an admin for your institution, please contact our Customer Service Team at Your request should provide the full name of your institution and the email address that should get an account in LibLynx. We then will send an invitation for LibLynx to that email address.
  • To activate the admin account, it is required to click on the link given in the invitation email and set a password for LibLynx. (The system doesn´t offer the option to set up admin accounts directly in LibLynx, but sends an invitation to an email address only).
  • It is possible to be an admin for several accounts, but you will be asked to activate every account individually.
  • Please note that within LibLynx, you can only access usage reports. It is not possible to access or download holdings lists or change IP addresses. This is only possible within DG Data.

Watch the video or read the instructions on how to set up your LibLynx account.

More Information on Holdings, Access and Admin

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