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Discovery Services

We work with partners to make it easy for libraries across the world to access our titles. Learn more about the discovery services we work with here.

De Gruyter's Discovery Service Partners

Discovery services are tools for libraries that allow searching across a wide range of content. Libraries around the world use them to help their patrons find the literature they are looking for.

We partner with discovery services such as:

By providing our metadata to these services, we make our titles more visible and discoverable for library users around the world.

We also make our collections available in the WorldCat knowledge base. The library organization OCLC updates a list of collections available monthly. Use that list to find out details about which collections from De Gruyter are available.

We also collaborate with almost all Abstracting & Indexing (A&I) services and are constantly expanding our database provision for the benefit of our readers.

More Metadata Information

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