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Why Classics Matter

At De Gruyter, we are all about trends. We stay tuned to academic discourses worldwide, so we have a good idea of what drives scholars in their everyday working lives. We also actively look for new ways to help them make the best of their research – and we have been doing so for 270 years.

Trends in Classics, directed by Franco Montanari and Antonios Rengakos, provides one of the most innovative and prestigious forums for publication in the field of Classical Studies and consists of a journal and three book series, with much more yet to come.

This year, we want you to celebrate with us the 100th volume of the Trends in Classics Supplementary Volumes series. Enjoy the 100 chapters that we have made freely available until the end of the year and follow us on Twitter [@dg_classics] to discover why Classics matters. We have asked 100 authors who have published in the series what makes Latin and Greek literature exciting and relevant to study today.

Discover Trends in Classics, read the chapters, learn why Classics matters, and celebrate with us!

Discover trends in classics


Dr. Serena Pirrotta
Dr. Serena Pirrotta
Editorial Director Philosophie und Altertumswissenschaften
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Marco Acquafredda
Marco Acquafredda
Acquisitions Editor Altertumswissenschaften
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