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The Synergistic Classroom

Interdisciplinary Teaching in the Small College Setting

Edited by: Corey Campion and Aaron Angello
With contributions of: Corey Campion, Aaron Angello, Paul D. Reich, Patricia Marchesi, Patrick L Hamilton, Allan W. Austin, Christine Dehne, Jonathan Munson, April M Boulton, Erika Cornelius Smith, Maryann Conrad, Julia F. Klimek, Christine D Myers, Audra L Goach, Hilary Cooperman, Winston Ou, Lana A. Whited, Sharon E. Stein, Martha Barcenas-Mooradian, Amanda M. Caleb, Alicia H. Nordstrom, Tina L Hanlon, Peter Crow, Susan V Mead, Carolyn L Thomas, Delia R. Heck, Paola Prado, and Autumn Quezada-Grant
Among the many challenges confronting the liberal arts today is a fundamental disconnect between the curricula that many institutions offer and the training that many students need. Discipline-specific models of teaching and learning can underprepare students for the kinds of interdisciplinary collaboration that employers now expect. Although aware of these expectations and the need for change, many small colleges and universities have struggled to translate interdisciplinarity into programs and curricula that better serve today’s students.

Written by faculty engaged in the design and delivery of interdisciplinary courses, programs, and experiential learning opportunities in the small college setting, The Synergistic Classroomaddresses the many ways faculty can leverage their institutions' small size and openness to pedagogical experimentation to overcome the challenges of limited institutional resources and enrollment concerns and better prepare students for life and work in the twenty-first century. Taken together, the contributions in this volume invite reflection on a variety of important issues that attend the work of small college faculty committed to expanding student learning across disciplinary boundaries.

Author Information

COREY CAMPION is an associate professor of history and global studies and the director of the master of arts in humanities program at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland.

AARON ANGELLO is the Sophie. M. Libman NEH Professor of Humanities at Hood Collegein Frederick, Maryland.


"Unique and excellently written, The Synergistic Classroomilluminates honest yet hopeful realities about the overlooked system of interdisciplinary teaching in educational institutions. This comprehensive volume provides successful methods of teaching thatcan easily be implemented to enhance interdisciplinary courses."
— Vicki L. Baker, author of Charting Your Path to Full: A Guide for Women Associate Professors

" The Synergistic Classroomprovidesconcrete examples of how to create interdisciplinary experiences that engage students in the curriculum, foster critical thinking, and support team work. This is a great exploration of the heart of professorship—to facilitate learning."
— Amy Rottmann, Lenoir-Rhyne University

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