About Rutgers University Press

Founded in 1936, Rutgers University Press is a non-profit academic publishing house that is dedicated to publishing scholarly works for scholars, students and the general reading public. Since its inception, the press published works primarily in areas of:

Civil War history and European history, to now specializing in sociology, anthropology, health policy, human rights, urban studies and several other subject areas. Rutgers University Press reflects and extends the University’s core mission of research, instruction, and service.

De Gruyter and Rutgers University Press

In 2018, Rutgers University Press joined the Publisher Partner program at De Gruyter that allows for the global distribution of 2,500 of the press’s front list and backlist eBook titles. This partnership propels our communal mission of disseminating scholarship of the highest standard to a global audience and distribution of critically acclaimed scholarly titles.


For inquiries on review and examination copies, and all press related questions please contact:
Elisabeth Maselli
Assistant to the Director and Assistant Editor
E-Mail: esm102@rutgers.edu

For questions related to purchasing and availability of content, please contact service@degruyter.com.