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In this work, we have designed and synthesized the fluorescent probe 1, which was capable to selectively detect fluoride anion (F). More importantly, the probe 1 possessed near-infrared excitation and emission wavelengths (excitation at 650 nm and emission at 695), and the probe solution had changed dramatically from yellow to cyan with the addition of F. In addition, the fluorescence intensity exhibited perfectly positive correlation with concentration of F concentration from 0 to 40 μM (R2 = 0.9972), which offered the important condition for quantitative analysis. The probe 1 owned detection limit of 46 nM. Therefore, this near-infrared probe can be of great benefit for detecting F in practical application.


A simple and coumarin-based fluorescence probe has been designed and synthesized with silyl group as recognition group of fluoride ions (F−) in this study. The results showed that the fluorescence intensity of the probe displayed prominent enhancement with addition of F− at 445 nm with incubation of 1 min. There was an excellent linear relationship between fluorescence intensity and fluoride concentration from 0 to 30 μM (0~0.57 ppm), which offered the important condition for the quantitative analysis. In addition, the highly selective response to fluorion, the low detection limit with 28 nM (0.532 ppb), low toxicity and bioimaging afforded an advantage for practical application and detecting fluoride in biological systerms.