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For plurisubharmonic solutions of the complex homogeneous Monge–Ampère equation whose level sets are hypersurfaces of finite type, in dimension 2, it is shown that the Monge–Ampère foliation is defined even at points of higher degeneracy. The result is applied to provide a positive answer to a question of Burns on homogeneous polynomials whose logarithms satisfy the complex Monge–Ampère equation and to generalize the work of P. M. Wong on the classification of complete weighted circular domains.


It is shown that codimension one parabolic foliations of complex manifolds are holomorphic. This is proved using the facts that codimension one foliations of complex manifolds are necessarily locally Monge- Ampère foliations and that parabolic leaves cannot have hyperbolic behavior. The result holds true also for locally Monge-Ampère foliations with parabolic leaves of arbitrary codimension.