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Bernhardt, Paul W.

Maximum Likelihood Estimation in a Semicontinuous Survival Model with Covariates Subject to Detection Limits

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Bansal, Naveen K. / Maadooliat, Mehdi / Schrodi, Steven J.

Empirical Bayesian approach to testing multiple hypotheses with separate priors for left and right alternatives

McMahan, Christopher / Baurley, James / Bridges, William / Joyner, Chase / Kacamarga, Muhamad Fitra / Lund, Robert / Pardamean, Carissa / Pardamean, Bens

A Bayesian hierarchical model for identifying significant polygenic effects while controlling for confounding and repeated measures

Lakhal-Chaieb, Lajmi / Greenwood, Celia M.T. / Ouhourane, Mohamed / Zhao, Kaiqiong / Abdous, Belkacem / Oualkacha, Karim

A smoothed EM-algorithm for DNA methylation profiles from sequencing-based methods in cell lines or for a single cell type

Su, Pei-Fang / Mau, Yu-Lin / Guo, Yan / Li, Chung-I / Liu, Qi / Boice, John D. / Shyr, Yu

Bivariate Poisson models with varying offsets: an application to the paired mitochondrial DNA dataset

Regier, Michael D. / Moodie, Erica E. M.

The Orthogonally Partitioned EM Algorithm: Extending the EM Algorithm for Algorithmic Stability and Bias Correction Due to Imperfect Data

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Xu, Ruimin / McNicholas, Paul D / Desmond, Anthony F / Darlington, Gerarda A

A First Passage Time Model for Long-Term Survivors with Competing Risks

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Lin, Chang-Yun / Lo, Yungtai / Ye, Kenny Q.

Genotype Copy Number Variations using Gaussian Mixture Models: Theory and Algorithms

Berg, Arthur / He, Qiuling / Shen, Ye / Chen, Ying / Huang, Minren / Wu, Rongling

Trilocus Disequilibrium Analysis of Multiallelic Markers in Outcrossing Populations

Bar, Haim Y. / Booth, James G. / Wells, Martin T.

A Mixture-Model Approach for Parallel Testing for Unequal Variances

You are looking at 1-10 of 23 items for: EM algorithm

  • Keywords: EM algorithmx
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