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Hoble, Adela / Popescu, Daniela / Bunea, Claudiu / Cluzeau, Daniel / Guernion, Muriel / Nicolai, Annegret / Fertil, Alben / Winter, Silvia / Zaller, Johann / Guzmán, Gema

The Perception of Viticultural Landscapes as a Method of Promoting and Supporting Local Economic Activities Through Multifunctional Landscapes

Kosiewicz, Jerzy

Moderato: Master and disciple – A Case Study in the Olympic Landscape

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Hitter, Timea / Cantor, Maria / Buta, Erzsebet

Specific horticulture therapy guidelines in the landscaping of Cluj-Napoca hospital facilities – improving mental and behavioural healthcare

Henning, Anna Imola

The importance of protecting unique Romanian landscape values, illustrated by examples of problem solving in other countries

Eplényi, Anna / Oláh-Christian, Brigitta

Postmodern landscape architecture: theoretical, compositional characteristics and design elements with the analysis of 25 projects

Janeczko, Emilia / Janeczko, Krzysztof / Moskalik, Tadeusz / Woźnicka, Małgorzata

Assessment of the forest landscape along selected motor vehicle routes

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Adorján, Anna / Fáczányi, Zsuzsanna / Sipos, Andrea

Sustainable revitalization of brownfield lands – possibilities of interim utilization in the form of urban community gardens

Filepné Kovács, Krisztina / Valánszki, István / Sallay, Ágnes / Jombach, Sándor / Mikházi, Zsuzsanna / Kollányi, László

Landscape function analysis as a base of landscape visions

Fekete, Albert / Sárospataki, Máté / Takács, Katalin

Landscape ecological and visual significance of dendrological gardens in the Carpathian Basin

Walsh, Michael / Haseeb, M.

Toxocariasis and lung function: Relevance of a neglected infection in an urban landscape

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks

You are looking at 1-10 of 11 items for: landscape

  • Keywords: landscapex
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