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Jain, Arvind Kumar

Demand Response of an Industrial Buyer considering Congestion and LMP in Day-Ahead Electricity Market

Beltrão, Victor de Cerjat / Figueiredo, Marco Antonio Gaya de / Corrêa, Harrison Lourenço

Preliminary market analysis of PEEK in South America: opportunities and challenges

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Wieczorek, Daria / Kwaśniewska, Dobrawa

Economic aspects of metals recover

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Lu, Zhanhui / Wang, Chengyong / Yang, Yuhua / Li, Gengyin

Study on the Practical Stability of First-Order Difference Power Market Model with Variable Coefficient

Bálint, Roland / Magyar, Attila

Refrigerator Optimal Scheduling to Minimise the Cost of Operation

Product Type: Journals/Yearbooks
Panda, Debasmita / Singh, S. N / Kumar, Vimal

Frequency Based Risk Assessment of a Power Producer in Indian Electricity Market

Ahmadimanesh, Alireza / Kalantar, Mohsen

Topological based active and reactive power losses allocation method in both pool and bilateral-based electricity markets using power flow

Mohajeryami, Saeed / Doostan, Milad / Moghadasi, Seyedmahdi / Schwarz, Peter

Towards the Interactive Effects of Demand Response Participation on Electricity Spot Market Price

Jain, Arvind Kumar / Srivastava, S. C.

Price Responsive Demand Management of an Industrial Buyer in Day-ahead Electricity Market

Jain, Prateek / Jain, Trapti

Development of V2G and G2V Power Profiles and Their Implications on Grid Under Varying Equilibrium of Aggregated Electric Vehicles

You are looking at 1-10 of 11 items for: market

  • Keywords: marketx
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