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  • Author: Ralf Beuthan x
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The following contribution attempts to outline the current situation of philosophy in South Korea. The thesis is advocated that the current situation cannot be understood solely in terms of history of philosophy or research-historical contexts, but that the specifics of Korean philosophy in research and teaching can only be adequately explained against the background of far-reaching and partly global political and cultural-historical contexts. On the basis of a general sketch of the historical situation in South Korea as well as on the basis of a few individual observations (common for the classic letter form) in everyday life outside and inside of the University, an attempt is made to capture typical features of philosophical life in Korea. Above all, the direct influence of global axes of conflict and the resulting accelerated dynamic of cultural changes on philosophy and its concrete forms in research and teaching should be made clear. In addition, the particularly pluralistic character of Korean philosophy can be understood in this way.