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  • Author: A. Gómez Garreta x
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Eleven species of Rhodophyta are recorded for the first time from the coast of Namibia. Morphological, anatomical and reproductive features of these species as well as their local and world distributions are provided. Likewise, taxonomic comments are given for most species, including the comparison with the available data of the taxon considered or with other similar taxa. Among these eleven species we highlight Gastroclonium reflexum (Chauvin) Kützing and Antithamnion secundum Itono, previously unrecorded from the Southern Atlantic Ocean, Haematocelis epiphytica Baardseth, until now only reported from Tristan da Cunha, and Porphyra saldanhae Stegenga, Bolton et Anderson, a species recently described from South Africa.


An annotated checklist of the Ceramiales (Rhodophyceae; red algae) of the Mediterranean, based on literature records, is given. The distribution of each taxon in the area (which is divided into 16 regions) is reported. The number of species and infraspecific taxa of this group accepted for the Mediterranean Sea as currently recognised taxonomically is 271. This list has benefited from the suggestions on taxonomy, nomenclature and regional distribution made by phycological advisers for each region.