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  • Author: A. W. C. Lee x
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This study was conducted to explore basic physical and mechanical properties of parallel strand lumber (PSL) made exclusively from southern pine and yellow-poplar, respectively, and to examine their relationships using statistical analysis. Small specimens were prepared from commercial southern pine PSL and yellow-poplar PSL billets and tested for specific gravity, moisture content, dimensional stability, bending properties, shear strength and compressive strength. Results indicate average specific gravity of southern pine PSL is higher than that of yellow-poplar PSL, while their average moisture content and dimensional stability are very similar. Southern pine PSL has higher average modulus of elasticity but lower average modulus of rupture than yellow-poplar PSL. While average longitudinal shear strength does not exhibit differences between southern pine PSL and yellow-poplar PSL, average compressive strength of southern pine PSL is higher than that of yellow-poplar PSL. There are positive correlations among modulus of elasticity, modulus of rupture and specific gravity. PSL improves some properties of solid wood from which PSL is made.

Official Journal of the World Association of Perinatal Medicine