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Ion-slip coefficients in Demetriades and Argyropoulos' generalized Ohm's law are studied quan-titatively in the first approximation for partially ionized Ar and He under various non-isothermal gas conditions. The macroscopic forces due to collisions between electrons, ion, and neutral atoms are accounted by averaging the momentum transfer cross sections over the Maxwellian velocity distributions of the colliding particles. To incorporate the appropriate interpolation and extrapola-tion techniques in the low energy limit, Frost and Phelps' cross sections for electron-atom collisions and Dalgarno's value for ion-atom resonant charge-transfer cross sections were used. The weighted average momentum transfer cross sections thus obtained, which are also important in other diffusion and transport processes, are tabulated at various particle kinetic temperatures for both gases. A family of curves representing values of ion-slip coefficients calculated from these data is plotted. With the generalized Ohm's law written in its inverted form, the influence of ion-slip on the "Hall conductivity" in Kruger et al's formulation is discussed.