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  • Author: C. I. Thomson x
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The present paper reports our investigation into the use of two peroxygen reagents, peroxymonosulfate (PMS) and dimethyldioxirane (DMD), in bleaching sequences with peroxide to bleach wheat straw mechanical pulp, their reactivity with ferulic acid model compounds, and the likely relation between the two aspects. It was observed that combinations of PMS or DMD with peroxide offered a synergy leading to substantially improved brightness development in bleaching of wheat straw pulp. At the same time, these oxidizing reagents, especially DMD, were shown to be highly reactive with ferulic acid derivatives and increased the removal of ferulic acid from wheat straw pulp in bleaching. The results would suggest that the presence of non-lignin, peroxide-resistant chromophoric components, such as ferulic acid derivatives, might be an important factor limiting the brightness development of wheat straw mechanical pulp by conventional peroxide bleaching.