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Thermal diffuse scattering (TDS) of X-rays from crystals contains information on phonons. This paper reviews the general theory of TDS and some recent experiments aimed at further developing TDS into a useful and efficient method for studying phonon dispersion relations.

Study on Hybrid Filtering Solution for Marine Electric Network

This paper presents a Hybrid APF/PFC/PPF Circuit (active power filtering and power factor correction circuit aided by shunt passive filter) for harmonic suppression and power factor correction in a marine electric network. By employing the proposed hybrid circuit, marine electric power network voltage and current can be maintained as being sinusoidal, and the power factor is close to 1. The effectiveness of the proposed method that is applied to a marine electric network is demonstrated through a simulation experiment. The results show that the expected performances are achieved.

We consider the model Dirichlet problem for Poisson's equation on a plane polygonal convex domain Ω with data ƒ in a space smoother than L 2. The regularity and the critical case of the problem depend on the measure of the maximum angle of the domain. Interpolation theory and multilevel theory are used to obtain estimates for the critical case. As a consequence, sharp error estimates for the corresponding discrete problem are proved. Some classical shift estimates are also proved using the powerful tools of interpolation theory and mutilevel approximation theory. The results can be extended to a large class of elliptic boundary value problems.