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  • Author: Ch. Dux x
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The present paper is concerned with the structure of colloidal dispersions consisting of charged polymer particles. The scattering of light, neutrons or X-rays from such latex dispersions is best described in the reciprocal lattice. Two quantities of central importance will be introduced: the particle form factor P(Q) and the interparticle structure factor S(Q). In the present treatment we show that the structure can be adequately accounted for by introducing a redefined symmetry adapted aggregate structure factor. According to the structure of interest these aggregate structure factors are one-dimensional (string-like), two-dimensional (layer-like) or three-dimensional (crystal-like). The description appears particularly suited to account for systems under sheared conditions. In the final section we present experimental neutron scattering results. A structural change is observed as a function of the shear rate γ°. The occurrence of the structural change and its relation to the 'self´ part of the previously introduced aggregate structure factor are considered.