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The synthesis of Cu(II), Mn(II), Fe(III), Ti(IV), Zr(IV), Ce(IV), Th(IV) and UO2(II) complexes with 4-methyldaphnetin and 4-methylesculetin is described. Structural information on coordination of the ligand with metals has been obtained from infrared spectroscopy. Results of thermal analysis and magnetic measurements of some of these complexes are reported.

Historical Antecedents and the International Court of Justice Judgment

It is advised that all nursing education programs conduct program evaluations to address accountability requirements and information for planning and guiding the delivery of the programs. Stufflebeam’s CIPP Model, supported by triangulation of multiple modes of data collection provides such a theoretical framework for evaluations. This article proposes a total CIPP evaluation framework for nursing education programs. While this evaluation framework is applicable to any nursing evaluation program, it is practically useful for collaborative nursing programs as it allows a full assessment of each partner in its context. Under the direction of this author, the York-Seneca-Georgian-Durham collaborative BScN Program Evaluation Committee in Ontario developed and utilized a CIPP process evaluation.