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The Romanian Online Dialect Atlas (RODA) provides a digitized version of an extensive hard-copy atlas of the Crişana region of Romania (Stan & Uritescu, Noul Atlas lingvistic român. Crişana Vol. I, 1996, Stan & Uritescu, Noul Atlas lingvistic român. Crişana Vol. II, 2003). The set of tools we are now developing permits us to access data on a range of questions that would have been difficult to answer otherwise, and to visualize the results with dynamically generated maps.


This article is one among a series of studies on the acquisition of patterns of linguistic variation observable in the speech of native speakers of Canadian French by French immersion (FI) students. The present study is centred on deletion of the central vowel schwa, a widespread feature of casual spoken French. In this study, FI students are compared with same age native speakers of Ontario French. Our study has arrived at the following main findings: (i) FI students delete schwa much less frequently than do the speakers of Ontario French; (ii) FI students observe the same phonetic constraints that influence schwa deletion in native Ontario French; (iii) FI students do not observe the constraint of topic formality which is observable in native Ontario French; and (iv) FI students who have had extracurricular contacts with native speakers of French display higher rates of schwa deletion than the FI students who have not had such contacts.