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The crystal structures of twelve different DL-malates have been determined and refined from single-crystal X-ray diffraction data. In addition, powder diffrac-tion data were used for the refinement of the lattice pa-rameters. The title compounds are the neutral DL-malates Li2(C4H4O5)·2H2O (space group P21/c), Mn(C4H4O5)·3H2O (Pbca), Cd(C4H4O5)·3H2O (P21/n), Sr2(C4H4O5)2·5H2O (P1̅) and Ba(C4H4O5). 2H2O (P1̅) as well as the acid DL-malates RbH(C4H4O5) (Fdd2), CsH(C4H4O5)·H2O (P21/n), MgH2(C4H4O5)2·4H2O (C2/c), CaH2(C4H4O5)2·2H2O (C2/c), ZnH2(C4H5O5)2·4H2O (C2/c), LiH3(C4H4O5)2 (P1̅), CsH3(C4H4O5)2 (P1̅). A comparison of DL-malate structures and a scheme of structural characterization according to cation polyhedra connection is proposed.