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The scriptural interpretation that pervades First Corinthians initiates a process of education and formation among the addressees: They must learn to employ Scripture as a standard for shaping their existence “in Christ.” In this regard, discussions over the meaning of Paul’s letter within the heterogeneous congregation are significant. Such discussions are stimulated through 1Cor 2:6–16 and 14:20–25, passages that lead the readers to a “mature” judgement concerning the gifts of God’s spirit as well as appropriate behaviour. To that end, they appeal to Scripture in a twofold way: First, an explicit citation substantiates Paul’s position in his debate with the Corinthians; second, an oblique reference – which, as soon as it is detected, helps to resolve the ambiguities in his reasoning – brings about agreement between him and those believers who are more familiar with Scripture. Apparently, only sufficient competence in interpreting and applying Scripture paves the way towards spiritual “maturity.”