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The catalytic properties of peptides containing histidine, cysteine and aspartic acid in ester hydrolysis were studied. Saturation kinetics were found for the reaction of p-nitrophenyl acetate (NPA) with Z-His-Ala-Asp-Gly-Cys-NH2 and Z-His-Ala-Gly-Gly-Cys-NH2 . The Brönsted equation for the hydrolysis of tert-butyloxycarbonyl-L-alanine-p-nitrophenylester (Boc-Ala-ONp) catalyzed by simple imidazole and SH-compounds was determined. The catalytic behaviour of the peptides in ester hydrolysis could not be described by the Brönsted equations for imidazole or thiole catalyzed hydrolysis of NPA and Boc-Ala-ONp. The pH dependence of the rate constants of the catalyzed ester hydrolysis gave no linear plots in 1/k versus H+ diagrams.