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The pure rotational spectrum of trioxane, (H2CO)3 the trimer of formaldehyde, has been recorded with high resolution in the frequency range between 326 and 947 GHz for the main isotopomer, the 13 C, and the 18O isotopic species in the vibrational ground state. These new high J and K data reveal that the molecule is fairly rigid. For the constants determinable from the recorded high J and K spectra (J = 90 and K = 75) the rotational constant

B = 5273.257 180(33) MHz,

the two quartic centrifugal distortion constants DJ, and DJK, and the three sextic constants HJ, HJK, and HKJ are needed in the fit to reproduce the measured spectra within experimental accuracy. In addition, for the 13C isotopomer the sextic constants HJK and HKJ are determined as well as the off-diagonal parameters d1 and d2.